Animal Collective = Sneaker Pimps

No, they’re not taking us down 6 underground with the British trip-hop band of the ‘90s, but the Baltimore foursome have teamed up with LA based shoe company Keep to design their own footwear.

Each band member has designed their own shoe and has also contributed a previously unreleased solo track that will be available on a limited edition cassette tape. (I knew I was holding on to my old cassette player for some reason! Finally, my time has come.) The tracks for the tape were announced yesterday on Keep’s website, and include:

1) Jailhouse by Geologist

2) Call home (buy grapes) by Avey Tare

3) Country Report by Deakin

4) The Preakness by Panda Bear

The bad news: Now that I’ve got you all “pumped” up, I regret to inform you that the shoes + tape were available for pre-order, on a first come first serve basis, until last October 31st 2010. Sorry I wasn’t around to write about it then.

The good news: A limited number will be released on March 26th online at and at select retailers. That’s 11 days away!

More good news: All Keep shoes are cruelty free and proceeds from the Animal Collective, uh, Collection will be going to the Socorro Island Conservation Fund.

If you look closely you’ll see that each member is wearing the shoe they’ve designed. I personally wouldn’t mind a pair of Deakin’s.


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