Tsunami Washing Over Me

Yesterday’s tragic news about the tsunami that hit Japan hit me pretty hard as well.  Having friends who are from Japan and a few currently living there had me frantically looking up footage and Facebook-ing my contacts to make sure everyone was OK.

Shaw is currently helping people connect with their family and friends across Pacific by offering free calls to Japan for subscribers with a Shaw home phone. (Source). This might be a good time to check up on your friend who moved away after college to teach English in Asia, just to make sure they’re OK.

According to its website Shaw is also offering TV Japan (channel 514) for free until March 17h. Naturally, the channel is Japanese which might make it a bit difficult to follow for those who don’t speak Nihongo. My Japanese languages courses only got me as far as offering the appropriate greeting according to the time of day (konnichiwa) and ordering food (karage kudasai!), but the footage is readily available to watch as the news unfolds. (Thanks to my friend Haruka for the tip).

To all those affected by the tusnami in Japan, my thoughts are with you and I drink to your health and safety. Kampai.



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