Wanna Be on Top

Yes, after 15 cycles I’m STILL watching America’s Next Top Model. Subjecting myself to hours of bad reality television is one of my worst vices. It’s just that I find something extremely comforting in Tyra’s kookiness. It never disappoints, like that crazy aunt you can always rely on to make things awkward at the dinner table. My eyes are just glued to the screen when she randomly starts speaking with a terrible French accent, dresses up (and gets into character) and as a witch, or loses her sh#@ when yelling at Tiffany “to take responsibility for herself”! Who can forget that one….

Clearly I couldn’t miss Wednesday night’s episode which also happens to be my favourite episode of every cycle – Makeovers!!!! (Enter hysterical screaming).

As per usual, there were some highs, some lows, and the customary “one with the attitude problem”.

Best Makeover: Brittani went from bland…

to bob-alicious

I think I will keep this look in mind when I decide to grow my hair out. Which cannot be said for the following look:

Worst Makeover: Molly’s weave-mare

This didn’t stop her from owning it and having, in my opinion, the best shoot of the day.

(All photos courtesy of CWtv.com)

Unfortunately, the girl with the most model potential of the season already went home last week (Ondrel bowed out due to some heavy duty family issues), so I’m still undecided on my Cycle 16 favourite. But I am looking forward to next week’s episode featuring the young, talented, and easy on the eyes photographer Francesco Carrozzini. Until then…

It’s time to make it hot, you know that we don’t stop…. Na!


6 Comments on “Wanna Be on Top”

  1. Katie says:

    I’d just like to add that I hate Alexandria with a passion. The fact that she takes such great pics tears me up inside!

    That is all

  2. Jessica says:

    Of course I feel guilty over the fact that I wasted my time watching a couple of models fight about marinating chicken in a bag vs. a bowl, but I can’t stop watching ANTM either.

  3. CopyCat Cat says:

    OMG this started… gotta start watching it 😀
    Hello Teen years, hello laughing at modern teens, hahahha
    I get a kick out of watching this show

  4. Rhianna says:

    Agreed. Molly totally rocked her shoot and the hair didn’t look terrible in it. I’m very undecided on a favourite at this point. And Alexandria drama is perfect. Hope the producers keep her on as long as possible to milk it.
    I kinda miss last cycle’s constant assertion that it was now about “HIGH FASHION.”

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