So Fresh and So Clean

Are you a regular weekend Globe and Mail reader?  Yes?  Good.

If you aren’t, I suggest you become one.  Saturday mornings reading the Globe while eating my oatmeal and snuggled in blankets on the couch is one of my favourite ways to spend a morning.  No, I don’t consider sleeping in until noon my favourite morning hobby anymore.

Whether you dive right for the Style section like I do or do the honourable thing and read the cover section before you settle down with Style, there is something of which I am certain: you’ve noticed a change for the better.  I’m not talking about the newspaper’s recent re-design.  The change I’m referring to took place underneath the Style section’s glossy surface.  Her name is Tiyana Grulovic and she’s the Globe and Mail’s Fashion Editor.

Vaughn Gray, Head Concierge of the Harry Rosen Flagship and best-dressed man in Eastern Canada describes Tiyana’s view as a “fresh and contemporary take. What makes it extra special is that it is truly authentic. She’s fashionable, in the know and is tapped into many different sub-cultures. She shows how mainstream can be imbued with individuality to become one’s own.”

Hired in 2008, Tiyana has contributed (along with her fine colleagues) to making the Globe’s Style section more youthful and relevant.  Through the photo shoots she directs, Tiyana creates a buzz by exploring fashion themes and presenting stories in a clever, non-conventional way.  Take, for example the In From the Cold spread where fur’s bad rep is called into question (below).  In it, the model hangs out in a Montreal convenience store, sipping a 40 of beer and eating a bowl of messy poutine.











(Styling by YSO)

The A Stitch in Time spread reminds us that the sweater girl is back, with or without her pants:











(Styling by Corey Ng)

Last week’s Fashion Face-off pitted opposing spring trends against each other:











(Styling by Alon Freeman)

Thanks Tiyana for not only giving me something interesting to page through every Saturday morning but also for making me infinitely cooler by association.  xo!


(All photos courtesy of the Globe and Mail)


One Comment on “So Fresh and So Clean”

  1. Katie says:

    Amazing! Yay Tiyana!

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