Make Your Own Wallpaper

On my to do list since late last summer has been the task of designing my own wallpaper.  Inspired by the jumping silhouette of my dear friend Luna (above), I have a basic idea for the design in mind, as well as semi thought-out colour schemes.  Although my vision for the wallpaper design is still in its early stages, I do plan on checking this project off my list eventually to sit back and enjoy being surrounded by the silhouette of one of my all-time favourite people.

Speaking of all-time favourite people, my friend Tiyana found a place that allows you to print your own designs onto wallpaper right here in Vancouver, called Rollout Wallpaper.   They not only digitally print your design in any square footage you require, they also offer a custom design service when your technical design abilities are lacking.  They use non-toxic inks which makes their product an eco-friendly choice.

Until I get my act together, I remain inspired by a variety of different wallpapers.  They make such an amazing impact in a room. Even more so when paired with the right piece of furniture.

Here’s a visual list of some of my current faves:

Lizzie Allen’s smart use of newsprint in her British-businessman-themed wallpaper:

(Image via Apartment Therapy)

The movement captured by this nautical Mini Moderns print is astounding:

(Images via Design*Sponge)

This vintage media print by Aimee Wilder is perfect for music lovers.

(Image via Apartment Therapy)

Abigail Ahern’s apartment features a clever take on a book wall.

(Image via Design*Sponge)

This animal-silhouetted wallpaper is busy but does not overwhelm thanks to its simple black and gray colour palette:

(Image via Maison Sauvage)

For something different, try putting the wallpaper on your ceiling.  An intensely-coloured wallpaper on the ceiling of an otherwise demure room would be exactly the dramatic statement I would go for.

Designers: please consider this project.  You have skills that most of us envy.  I am certain that if enough talented and original designers start to create wallpaper designs en masse, all the crappy wallpaper out there will be bullied right off the shelves.


5 Comments on “Make Your Own Wallpaper”

  1. Rhianna says:

    My hair stylist used Rollout for the amazing Julie Morstad paper in her salon!

  2. James says:

    Friend for life….

    this wall paper kicks ass

  3. Danners says:

    Brings any room to life – great idea

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