Ante Up!

Weekend’s here! Well almost. For those of you who aren’t getting paid today or simply prefer to cling a little tighter to your purse strings, there are plenty of fun and affordable things you can do on a Friday night.

Last weekend I got together with a few friends for some wholesome Texas Hold ‘em. Hey, if you’re already planning on spending your hard earned cash why not just lose it to a friend (and then guilt them into buying you a drink for actually taking your money)? Keep it in the family!

For $20 each, we had hours of playtime and plenty of excitement. Being the beginner that I am, I was initially dealt a few hands of good luck – which I immediately took as a sign for a new career. Ultimately, my greed got the best of me and I ended up with zilch (note to self: work on poker face).

Regardless, I ended up having loads of fun without breaking the bank. Strip version optional, but my advice is to leave that part to the pin up poker cards.

Image courtesy of The PokerTime Blog.


One Comment on “Ante Up!”

  1. Copy Cat says:

    LOL 😀 sadly most people I know refuse to play poker with me… I have an excellent poker face 😀

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