Ready, Set, Action!

You should never need an excuse to get creative – like having an impromptu photo shoot in the aisles of HomeSense or photoshopping unicorn horns onto photos of your friends – but the fact of the matter is, some people simply work better under pressure. How about “try making a film in under 24 hours” kind of pressure?

Yesterday Filmracing announced the dates for this year’s 24 Hour Film Race.  It’s an international competition that challenges filmmakers everywhere to create a 4-minute film in just 24 hours. To ensure that no one gets a head start, all competitors receive an email at go time with a theme and surprise element which must be included. This year’s race kicks off on April 29th and registration starts now. Use discount code FILMRACER24 for $10 off the entry fee.

Last year, my sister and her boyfriend created the short film “Pearls” for the 24 hour Film Race in San Francisco. I think they made a beautiful film, regardless of the time constraint. The theme was good-bye and the hidden element was a wig. See if you can spot it and if it helps get your creative juices flowing…


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