Saving a Pretty Penny

Last week Sandra efficiently enlightened us with some wise moves for tax-free savings. But a question many of us might be is asking is – how does one end up with cash to spare?

The short answer: Budget.

Maybe it would be easier to do if it was more fun to say. Budget sounds so drab. Budget. Budge it. Bah-dgit. Nope, not a fun word.

But would it help if it at least looked pretty? You know, like using that polka dot notebook for math class to help you subconsciously like the subject better? Or was that just me…?

While googling “polka dot budget” and “cute budget” didn’t heed any useful results, “free budget template” did. Although functional, they all looked pretty boring so I decided to dress mine up in patterns to comply with the style for Spring.

You can check out my sample “dots and stripes expense report” and “leopard print budget comparison chart” here: Budget and expense tracker (the amounts listed are solely for demonstration purposes).

Feel free to use it or modify it to keep you on track and in style.


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