Fashion for Dudes

I was knee-deep in a new branch of economics literature, preparing for my next post, when a dear friend of mine suggested I provide fashion tips to satisfy our male readers.  And so, I’m pulling a 180 to talk about style for men instead of economic style.  I can hear your collective sigh of relief.  If you need someone to thank, his name is Pierre (with Simon, above).

So let’s get right to it.  My top tips for dudes follow:

  • Stop wearing hoodies as outerwear (under a blazer = hot, on their own = boring), try a cable knit sweater or cardigan instead
  • Skip the faded tee and wear a collar shirt on occasion
  • When dressing up, opt for a skinny tie and fitted blazer
  • Wear striped or argyle socks with rolled up jeans and pair them with a printed shirt or scarf (refer to my post on piling on the patterns)
  • Get a hair cut ya dirtbag
  • Invest in nice dress shoes (square-toed shoes don’t count)
  • Add a subtle pop of colour to your outfit, be it through a red toque, a navy leather tie or a green belt

To see these tips put into practice, included are photos of more real men, who dress themselves, below. The first three images via The Sartorialist, last image via My Street Style in France.


6 Comments on “Fashion for Dudes”

  1. Lyndsey says:

    facial hair, thoughts??

  2. theheiser says:

    soul? sole? Grammar is for suckers!

  3. pierrehamilton says:

    i have beard envy. and also damn, those are some finely dressed gents. i have my work cut out for me.

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