Tonight: Wild Nothing

Tonight, I’m lucky enough to be catching one of my favourite new bands in concert.  Wild Nothing, a one-man indie pop outfit from Virginia, was created in 2009 by Jack Tatum.  His debut full-length album, Gemini, was released last spring to solid reviews.

Wild Nothing’s talents have even put snooty Pitchfork writers under his spell: “[…] his craftsmanship is undeniable and the details are spot-on: Check the reflective bell tone in ‘Live in Dreams’, the Cocteau Twins-like, artificial synth tom in ‘Drifter’, and the Johnny Marr homage in the twinkly guitar fade-in that begins ‘Our Composition Book’.  […] While Tatum’s words can edge on maudlin, his delivery is more romantic than dreary, and there’s a sly, understated, and subtly addictive melody that gorgeously frames his sentiments.”

So without further ado, some Monday morning indie bedroom-pop goodness:

Wild Nothing and co-headliners, Abe Vigoda, will be performing at the Biltmore tonight at 9:30pm (doors at 8pm).  The night should prove to be just what you need to get through the week.


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