NY Fashion Week Illustrated

I was planning on putting together a recap of New York Fashion Week but simply have not had the time to muster anything up. Thanks to some charming work by my dear friend, however, I suddenly don’t have to do any of the leg work. Natalia Grosner created an illustrated version of her favourite fall collections shown at NY Fashion Week, from cozy and always-chic Alexander Wang to bright and eye-catching Proenza Schouler.

Her illustrations are both playful and fun yet eerily accurate.  This is not the first time I’ve felt inferior to a cartoon character (ahem, She-Ra) but it’s definitely the first time I’ve been out-dressed by one. To see the rest of Natalia’s collection of the best of NY Fashion Week illustrated, click here.

For a look at other clever and amazing projects by Natalia, check out her personal website.  Be forewarned: she’s highly accomplished and may make you feel badly about yourself.


One Comment on “NY Fashion Week Illustrated”

  1. ashlyfrances says:

    i love these!

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