Howling for Franco

While most might be catching up on their viewing of Oscar nominated flicks pre-ceremony this weekend, I opted for the Epstein/Friedman film Howl, recommended by my sister.

The film stars James Franco (are you already convinced?) playing American “Beat Generation” poet Alan Ginsberg.  Centering around Ginsberg’s famous poem “Howl” and its obscenity trial, the film takes us on a journey through time with combinations of black and white footage, colour sequences and animated illustrations of the poem, making for a compelling viewing experience. Besides, it covers such an important part of contemporary literature that it is simply a must-see movie. For me, it far outshone some of Best Picture nominations this year.

Franco does a killer impersonation of Ginsberg, transforming his speech and movements into the poet’s signature style, often making me forget I was watching him and not Alan himself (especially while sporting the neat beard in the interview sessions).

Oh, and John Hamm plays Ginsberg’s attorney in the trial. If you’ve been missing Mad Men like I have it’s a nice treat.

“I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness…”


One Comment on “Howling for Franco”

  1. ashlyfrances says:

    damn, I want to see this! 🙂

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