The Modern Hussy

One of my most prized friend bypasses also happens to be the author of one of my favourite blogs to date, Modern Hussy. Through her cleverly chosen topics and witty as hell advice, she brings attention to proper etiquette in an age when well, pretty much anything goes.  She reminds us that you can be debaucherous and wild yet still be respectful and well mannered.

Addressing each topic, the Modern Hussy manages to pull off scandalous and funny all in a uniquely relevant way.  In other words, I want to be her.   Her genius post on what 20-something-year old girls (who don’t listen) need to hear from 30-something-year old girls (who wish they had) includes such notable gems as:

“Never be the drunkest girl at the party (second drunkest is ok).”
“Never allow to be photographed wearing flower patterned hotpants from Au Cotton (or equivalent).”

She delivers valuable advice time after time in her own hilariously direct way:

“Go to your underwear drawer RIGHT NOW. Take out all your C grade underwear.  Put them in the garbage.  The end.”

You’ll hate to know that she’s hot, she rolls into parties with a Veuve Clicquot carrying case, she’s loving, creative, has a kick ass job and has lived in some of the world’s hottest cities.


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