Yes, I’m going to talk about buttons

Like many of you, I like new stuff.  It’s a trait that I’ll likely never outgrow.  Similarly, I like re-discovering things I already own, be it old fashion magazines with sexy spreads or a cardigan tucked away behind piles of sweaters in my closet.  Revisiting something you already own but forgot you had makes it feel new in a way.

Another great way to make an old piece of clothing feel new – and give it character – is by adding unique details to it.  For example, a thick strip of black leather on each shoulder of a dress, suede or corduroy patches on the elbows of sweaters or swapping out old generic buttons for new ones that stand out.

This last way of upgrading something old is the easiest.  And it can cost you as little as a dollar. You can even make an afternoon of it.

Go for a bike ride with a friend to Button Button in Gastown.  They have the best selection of unique buttons in the city.  Before you know it, you’ll be inspired by the various possibilities of resurrecting your old clothes.  When my friend Jess visited me from Toronto a couple of years ago, we spent over an hour in Button Button oooh-ing and ahhh-ing everything we saw.  She had crazy wild stories to retell when she returned to Toronto:

Jess’ friend: “What did you do in Vancouver?”

Jess: “We bought buttons.”

There’s myriad ways of revamping your clothes and accessories with buttons:

  • The standard way: remove the old buttons and replace with the awesome new ones
  • Add buttons as accents to purses and bags like I have:

  • Get creative.  Buy ten of the same button and create interest on a plain shirt by sewing a line of buttons down the front or back (not both).  Or, cuff the sleeves of a tee and sew them in place with gold buttons.  Create a brooch effect by grouping many buttons onto the lapel of your blazer.  (Are brooches in this season?  I can’t keep track)

There you have it.  A dirt cheap way to refresh your wardrobe.

And for all you wisecrackin’ readers out there: no, my next post will not be about scrapbooking.


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