Better Off TED

We all need that mid-day break or those “15 more minutes” before getting out of bed or facing the dishes molding in the sink.  Maybe you’ve YouTubed funny videos or checked out lolcats. But why not make your break educational as well?

For an excellent series that’s equal amount education and entertainment (a form of “edutainment” if you will) I recommend checking out the TED Talks.

From these 15 – 20 minute clips you can learn fascinating facts about babies’ language learning abilities, how foie gras is produced, and if money really can buy happiness.

Just last night I watched Neil Pasricha’s 3 A’s of Awesome. You may have come across Neil’s “Book of Awesome” in the bestseller section of Chapters and in the non-clothing section of clothing stores like Urban Outfitters. In his TED Talk, Neil recounted (in a rather amusing way) how certain negative events in his life inspired him to start a blog about all the positive, amazing things he could think of to help him get through tough times. How we all have the choice to allow ourselves to fall or to pick ourselves up and move on.  He’s doing pretty well for himself now.

And since Superfora is all about really cool stuff, I’m sure that our book deal is coming up next. Until then, edutain yourself with the TED talks. At the very least you’ll end up with some great new conversation starters for your next dinner party.


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