Go Snowshoeing!

We went snowshoeing on Mt. Seymour this past Saturday.  It was a perfectly sunny weekend afternoon to do so.  The recent snowshoe rental and trail pass groupon (over 8,000 sold) caused the lineups to be longer than usual but we arrived in the late afternoon and were outfitted and trail-bound in no time.  They don’t carry the wooden snowshoes you remember from your childhood, having been replaced by aluminum ones.  The latter are less charming but your ability to run is heightened so take advantage.

Being surrounded by trees and snow was quite a lovely change from the usual pedestrian and car traffic I find myself surrounded by in the city.  If you’re too hungover on the weekend for a full day of skiing or snowboarding, opt for snowshoeing.  Just remember to be mindful of the 70-year old ladies who will be sharing the trails with you.

Access to the trails and ski hills on Mt. Seymour is free for women every Monday night from 6-10pm until March 16th as part of the BC Cancer Foundation’s Guys Night Out, Girls Ride Free.  Pick up your Girls Ride Free voucher in advance at one of the participating retailers.


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