Concert Announcement: Tame Impala returns to Vancouver!

The psych rock band Tame Impala give off a slight Beatles feel on their freshman release, Innerspeaker.   Lead singer Kevin Parker’s enchanting Paul McCartney-like voice on the album makes the Beatles association inevitable.  From Perth, Australia, they are a self-described “steady flowing psychedelic groove rock band that emphasizes dream-like melody”.

When Simon and I saw them at the Biltmore last December, their performance was louder and more “rock” than the album I’ve memorized, which erased any Beatles comparisons from my mind altogether.  Having said that, the engaging foursome were able to offer us an exciting and high-energy show that left little to be desired.

They are returning for a show at the Commodore Ballroom on April 21st and it shouldn’t be missed.  At only $21.50 + service charges, the price is right.  Tickets go on sale tomorrow, February 18th through

Listen to a few of their songs and see if you are as into them as I think you should be.

I have to emphasize that I am far from a music reviewer.  I just sincerely think you should catch this show.


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