The Friend Bypass

Many people meet the majority of their friends in school or through extracurricular activities.  In my circle of friends, mutual friend introductions, and ultimately, the friend bypass* is the mode of friend making that reigns.

What about you?  Think of your friends, write them down if need be, and jot down how you met each one.  You may be blown away by the number of people you hold near and dear who were introduced to you by a mutual friend.  If so, tally up the Kevin Bacons who connect you.  If there is a standout person who introduced you to the largest proportion of your favourite people, he/she deserves a high five, right?  Seriously, you OWE this person.

Without all these Kevin Bacon connections, you could have potentially missed out on the introduced friend who:

  • Went tobogganing with you at 4am followed by snow angels in the snow
  • Wisely advised against the mommy haircut, tranny makeup and the brazilian-revealing mini skirt
  • Showed you the ropes in your new city
  • Took you to the concert that changed your life
  • Shared the late-night bacon burger that changed your life
  • Now vacations with you to far-away lands
  • Reminded you that the dude you were making out with at the bar was a douchebag when you were too drunk to decipher his annoying and cocky demeanor
  • Hooked you up with a killer job
  • Hooked you up with her brother
  • Let you crash on his couch when you were visiting his city or just too broken to make it all the way home
  • Makes you lemonade every time you come over
  • Became part of your beloved bike gang
  • Plays crocket and wears big hats with you in the summer
  • Cooks for you when you are broke and hungry
  • Became your roommate and/or soulmate

Now sit down and write your Kevin Bacon a letter telling him/her how grateful you are for the friend introductions.  And mail it…people love snail mail.  If you don’t have it in you to compose a proper written letter, at the very least, buy this person a drink the next time you are at the bar together.  Or, introduce them to someone cool and call it even.

*When two people bypass the mutual friend who introduced them to forge a long-lasting friendship


One Comment on “The Friend Bypass”

  1. […] of my most prized friend bypasses also happens to be the author of one of my favourite blogs to date, Modern Hussy. Through her […]

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